Privacy Policy

The QRay application (the application, the app) is owned, developed and provided by Visafoto (IP Sergey Mikeev), which is located in Moscow, Russia.

We respect privacy of our users and do not collect or store any unnecessary data.

Your QR codes

The application stores the codes solely on user's device, and does not transmit them to any server or any third party. Unless a user explicitly uses the functionality to share a QR code, no code will be sent or disclosed to anyone.

Use of camera in the application

Camera permission is solely used to scan QR codes that should be added to the application. The application does not capture, store or transmit any image, video, or audio from the device's camera in any way.

Use of image gallery (library)

Access to images from the image gallery (library) is solely needed to

  1. scan a QR code from an image selected by the user
  2. export a QR code as an image to the gallery if the user wants to save the code as an image
The application does not transmit or store on a server any image or video from the device's image gallery in any way.

Information the application collects

The application collects only the following: user's country, language of the interface, device model name, OS version (Android or iOS). That is all, we do not collect anything else.

This information is used solely for statistics and to make development decisions. This information may be used to provide technical support.

No third party advertising

The application does not show any advertising for third parties and is not a part of any advertising network.


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